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Peony Links

  • Yahoo Peony Group
    Peony List deals with all growing aspects of herbaceous and tree peonies, some of the most popular of garden flowers in the world.
  • American Peony Society
    This website is intended to be informative and educational on a wide range of peony topics, everything from backyard planting to the use of peonies as a study-plant.
  • Swiss Peony Website
    Extensive website "from Peony friends for Peony friends" with listings of peoniy varieties, nurseries and more.
  • The German Peony Society
    The Peony-group of the Perennial Society is an non-profit group of amateur collectors, hobby gardeners, peony breeders and nursery men in Germany and the surrounding countries.
  • Peony Pleasure Dome
    This is an interesting website devoted to Peonies.
  • Web Project Paeonia
    A very extensive website devoted to all aspects of peonies and their origins
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