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An area 20"-24" deep and 24" wide should be dug for tree Peonies. Tree Peonies require a deeply hole in which their roots can reach down to secure good anchorage. Consequently, they demand very well-drained soil. If your soil tends to become waterlogged, then plant them in a raised bed or in a spacious pot. Remember standing water at the roots may kill Peonies Tree Peonies relish a well-composted soil, heavily enriched with humus. They should not be grown in competition with other large root systems, but being deep rooted, they will easily accommodate shallow-rooted plants grown around their base. Also, tree Peonies prefer sunlight but sunlight which is too strong may cause the flowers to wither quickly during the blooming season. Thus, it is best to plant them in a semi-shady location. They should not receive too much water, otherwise their roots may rot. If this occurs, the location should be drained well, preferably via a gentle slope or raised bed; in addition, the soil should be fertile with an ideal P.H. from 6.5 to 7.5 is the ideal. If the P.H. is lower than this, you may add a little lime. But tree Peonies will tolerate a wide range.

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